Ez gara perfektuak baina egunero saiatzen gara bikainak izaten - No somos perfectos, pero nos esforzamos, cada día, por ser excelentes

Itxaropena Ikastola

Ikastolatik bisita birtuala

Entrance / Playgrounds

Itxaropena Ikastola currently has two entrances enabled, but we are also thinking of opening a third one. The main access is to the large courtyard of the Ikastola and the upper access to the LH and HH 1st cycle building.

In the Ikastola we have three playgrounds: a natural one, at the back of the LH second cycle building, a covered one, at the back of the Infant Education classrooms, and a third, the general one, facing the street.

Pre-School (0-3 years old)

The Infant Education building is made up of 6 classrooms, two of which are divided into two parts, one to guarantee the children’s peace of mind at nap time and the other for the space for experimentation and action.

The one and two year old classrooms are large spaces to encourage their freedom of movement and their natural interest in exploration. In the centre of both classes we have bathrooms and changing rooms, and all the spaces are connected by glass to seek communication between the two gels.

Pre-School (3-6 years old)

The second cycle of Infant Education occupies a complete corridor in the general building, where we have seven classrooms, toilets and a psychomotor room.

The space in each classroom is large, so that the children can create different corners and have enough space to move around and play. All classes are connected to each other through doors.

Primary School (6-12 years old)

The primary stage is divided into two new buildings in the Ikastola. On the one hand, the First Cycle building, the closest to the entrance, with clear spaces and blackboards with projectors to promote the digital use of methods.

On the other hand, the second cycle building, located at the top of the Ikastola, with multifunctional and transformable classrooms, also digitally prepared and with an exit to the natural space.



Secondary School (12-16 years old)

The Secondary School area is located on the top floor of the general building, with its own independent stage area. In the same building, the students also have at their disposal the laboratory and the technology room.

We have the building digitalized to work easily with the current methodology and the lift facilitates mobility and easy access to all floors.



The ikastola has two canteens: one in the building of the first cycle of Infant Education, which serves the smallest members of the ikastola, in a more personal, nearby and accessible space.

The other, which serves the older children, is located on the ground floor of the general building, in a large and clear space where the students can eat at the same time in total comfort.

The big dining room has its own kitchen, where the Ikastola cooks its menus for all the students, day by day. These menus are then taken to the Infant Education canteen for everyone to enjoy.


Other corners of the Ikastola are the laboratory, the technology room and the sports centre, where physical education classes are offered.