Ez gara perfektuak baina egunero saiatzen gara bikainak izaten - No somos perfectos, pero nos esforzamos, cada día, por ser excelentes

Itxaropena Ikastola

Our Educational Offer
Pre School

Our Pre-School project is centred on the student. We work trying to respond to their interests and needs, so that we help them achieve the skills they require for their daily lives: this way, the teacher is not a mere transmitter of information, but is the guide so that they manage to find answers to their interests on their own, taking advantage of every opportunity that surrounds them.

Through manipulation and experimentation, and giving play the importance it deserves, children between the ages of 0 and 6 are educated in a family environment in the Ikastola, with special emphasis on civic and social values.


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Primary School

In the Primary stage, pupils are given more responsibilities, so that they can continue to develop the skills they have acquired. Using Txanela and Kimu methods, as well as other additions, our daily objective is to keep their desire to learn and know alive, so that, little by little, they have more information about the world around them, and more tools to adapt to society.

At the same time, we try to promote good coexistence, so that they also learn to participate in group work and act as such. In addition to this, half hour reading classes are held at the beginning of each day. The objectives are twofold: firstly, to make them enjoy reading, and secondly, to ensure that a better understanding of all types of texts helps them to improve their general skills, which will then be used to improve their learning in each subject.


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Secondary School

In secondary school, new technologies are being worked on through the IKT project. This way, books have given way to laptops and projectors, and when it comes to work, students give technology a new, better and more constructive use.

Of course, the coexistence projects that were started in Primary School continue, with the intention of creating group spirit as the main objective, while each student builds his or her own “I” as a person. They are at an ideal age to interact with the world outside them, learning to do so in a respectful way, and pulling their ideas and thoughts, being part of it and doing their bit.