Ez gara perfektuak baina egunero saiatzen gara bikainak izaten - No somos perfectos, pero nos esforzamos, cada día, por ser excelentes

Itxaropena Ikastola

Our History

In 1972, with only 11 students, the first class of the Ikastola was created. The previous year, some Trapagaran families saw the need to create an Ikastola, and the first steps were taken in the development of the Ikastola we know today. Those families saw the need to recover the Basque language, feeling the need to learn Basque, which serves as a communication tool throughout the Basque Country, from an early age.

At the same time as the Ikastola was created, the Zulueta farmhouse in Etxebarria was rented, so that students could learn Basque freely there, enjoying the land and animals, being able to enjoy the language in that environment. That space was managed by families, teachers and board members at that time.
A few steps have been taken since then and up to the situation today. The Ikastola has been a reference point for the Trapagaran Basque language model for years, a pioneer in Basque language culture, the first to offer evening classes in basque for families, and the one that, even today, makes a strong commitment to the Basque language, participating in activities to open up the language in the village.

Today, those ikastolas created in the 1960s by families are non-profit-making cooperatives offering a public service. They are considered to be of public utility and, our Ikastola included, are part of the Union of Cooperatives of the Basque Country.

The aim of the Ikastola has been, since its inception, to offer quality education. Right now, students between the ages of 0 and 16 fill our classrooms, and based on human values, we want to create with them a more humanist society, with people of critical nature, well trained, creative and with initiative.

That group from the 1970s has now become a big family, bringing together more than 500 students at Itxaropena Ikastola. Today, our second stream is a reality!