Ez gara perfektuak baina egunero saiatzen gara bikainak izaten - No somos perfectos, pero nos esforzamos, cada día, por ser excelentes


Families visit us during the school day, while they watch the normal development of a day at the Ikastola.


Every student works with their own Chromebook following the digitized method system for each subject.



From 7am in the morning until 6 pm in the afternoon, we offer nursery, breakfast and snack service


Students spend half an hour at the beginning of the school day reading different types of texts.

Get to know us!

Itxaropena Ikastola, located in Trapagaran, is a school with around 500 students, who come from both the town itself and surrounding towns to the Ikastola by bus. Itxaropena Ikastola has a service from 7am to 6pm, which includes breakfast and snacks for those students who need to extend the usual service.

Trapagaran is a village located in the mining area of Bizkaia, with about 10,000 inhabitants, surrounded by nature but with the comfort of being close to Bilbao, at just 15 minutes by train.

Itxaropena Ikastola welcomes students from their first months of life until they are 16 years old, when they finish their Secondary School. We try to provide education in a close family environment, with the child as the main character from Pre-Education on.

In Primary School, we develop, through the Kimu method, a teaching adapted to the knowledge of the students, focused on their interests and curiosity. This way, we prepare them for their daily lives, educating them both in knowledge and in the emotional and social aspects.

By the time the students reach Secondary School, the learning system is completely digitalized, allowing them to continue learning with ease once they leave the centre, and also allowing them be the ones that gather information on each subject worked on.

We look to educate pupils who are autonomous, critical, empathetic and supportive. Once they leave the Ikastola, we hope them to be an important pillar of the society that surrounds them.

Bullying and Kiva Program

Bullying is a reality present in all schools. How do we tackle it in Itxaropena Ikastola? Through prevention. KIVA is a programme that’s been developed in Finland that Itxaropena Ikastola has incorporated into its educational project since Primary School.

What happens when a case is detected? A protocol is activated to protect the victim, and we work with the group to ensure that the bad behaviour is reproached.

Cantene and bus service

The Ikastola has two bus lines covering all the villages near the school, from which we welcome a handful of students every morning. The service is offered in the mornings and afternoons.

There are over 300 students in Ikastola’s canteen service, and therefore, we need to organize the canteens’ schedule. Itxaropena Ikastola has two dining rooms, one in the Haur Hezkuntza First Cycle building, which serves the younger students, and another in the general building, which serves the older students.

Early bird service

Itxaropena Ikastola’s early bird service extends the school timetable to adapt itself to the family’s needs, in order to find work-life balance. This is why the Ikastola opens its doors at 7am, offering extended hours from that time until 9am, when the usual school timetable begins. Families entering from 7 to 8 in the morning will have breakfast included in the fee for this service.

In the afternoon, the Ikastola will remain open until 18:00, offering extended hours from 16:30 until that time. Families who contract this service will also have their snacks included in it.

To contract this service, you can go to Ikastola and ask for it at the secretary’s office, or do it by phone.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are very present in Itxaropena Ikastola’s daily life. Its usual timetable is from 16:30 to 18:00, although some are also held at midday.

The range of activities is very wide and varied, from the usual sports such as football, basketball, handball, to activities such as theatre, robotics, mindfulness, etc.



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